Killington, Vermont Tower

Residents, business owners, and even historic preservationists, care what their community looks like (rightfully so). We do too. Unconcealed towers can affect curb appeal and home values. So how do you balance the amount of service desired with the aesthetics of your cities and towns? Concealment! In ten short years, the number of national cell sites has increased by nearly 50%. This includes towers, antennas and rooftop concealments, all of which STEALTH® has the experience of concealing. Our structures are invisible to the naked eye and range from steeples to rooftops to city landmarks to light poles to custom solutions and more! We have a solution for every site.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words: so why not go over to our products page to see a wide variety of concealments. Giving options to planning and zoning boards, and showing how endless (and beautiful) the possibilities are, just may just make everyone’s lives a bit easier.

Download our Antenna Concealment Handbook or get a Snapshot of some of our best projects. For additional information, reach out to your local Sales Representative.