Helping to Put 5G to Work in Your Smart City

Raycap’s 5G small cell concealment and protection solutions help you achieve the perfect balance between 5G performance and street-level aesthetics.

When it comes to wireless concealment and protection, we are the experts. Lean on our small cell experience and technology as you define your strategy for bringing the advantages of 5G to your area. Small cell pole owners that use our products can count on our reputation for delivering the right product, on time, to ensure a smooth installation.

-Our experience with small cells ensures they combine safely and efficiently with lighting and other street furniture

-Our STEALTH concealment product line is well-proven across 20,000+ sites around the world

-Our exclusive InvisiWave™ material is proven to conceal 5G small-cell sites with minimal signal loss—you CAN conceal 5G sites!

-Our innovative integrated street pole product line simplifies review, deployment and compliance processes

-Our experience in small cells and concealment can support your efforts to develop codes and processes that balance coverage and aesthetics

We’ve Got 5G Covered!™ Download this infographic to see exactly how integrated poles work!

Get 5G Small Cell Answers from Raycap

If you are a municipality or utility planning for 5G deployment, our experts can answer your questions about options for small-cell protection and concealment. Contact us today. We’ve got 5G covered!