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Smokestack or Tree Concealment…That is the Question!

One Massachusetts town has found themselves in the middle of an all too common debate, what type of cell tower concealment will work best for the town.

According to the Berkshire Eagle,  the Dalton, MA Zoning Board of Appeals met to discuss a new Verizon cell tower. During the meeting, all 20 attendees were in favor of the new cell tower being built to resemble a smokestack that will blend in with the industrial landscape.

The new smokestack concealment was approved by the Zoning Board and sent to the Select Board. The Select Board Chairman said the smokestack concealment was  “patronizing and insulting to the town”. The Chairman is in favor of a tree concealment to better blend in with the surroundings. The Chairman stated, “We don’t need another smokestack adjacent to another smokestack.”

Deciding on a type of cell tower concealment is an all too common issue. STEALTH can offer our expert advice on what type of concealment will work best for your town. Contact us today to discuss your future concealment site.

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