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Stadium Delivery: There’s An App for That

Want to be able to enjoy a game at a stadium and feel like your at home?  More and more stadiums are aiming for this goal.

Enhancing fans’ game day experience through the use of technology is becoming a trend for stadiums around the country. As more stadiums add Wi-Fi, fans are now able to Tweet, text, and even check the line to the restroom.

Stadiums are hoping to lure those fans who have resigned themselves to the couch, back into the stadium. By enhancing Wi-Fi, and adding apps for fans, sports teams are able to allow their fans to have a stress-free game day.

NFL Teams, and other professional sports organizations, are developing ways to make it to where fans do not have to leave their seat unless absolutely necessary. Some of these developments include concession delivery right to your seat.

According to, “Fans will be able to choose whether to have a meal or a beer delivered to their seats by a runner or held at the closest concession stand — handy when you need to make a pit stop. The team is working with Micros Systems, which makes the point-of-sale systems used throughout the stadium, to connect the cash registers to the cloud. A trial of the service is running now at Candlestick Park in San Francisco.”

With better technology in stadiums including DAS and Wi-Fi, the sky is truly the limit to enhancing game day experiences.

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