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STEALTH® Concealment Material Specs

November 5th, 2018

RF Transparent Material Specs

The fifth generation of our proprietary antenna concealment StealthSkin™  panels and radomes raise the bar for structural strength and optimum signal penetration. In addition, signal transmission test results consistently show that StealthSkin™ material significantly outperforms fiberglass. By installing our StealthSkin™ panels and radomes, your site is guaranteed to have the best RF performance. Due to sound structural integrity, no bracing is required to support StealthSkin™ panels for up to ten vertical feet. By eliminating obstructing studs and structural members, STEALTH® ensures maximum structural transparency.

All StealthSkin™  panels and allow for superior RF transmissions compared to fiberglass panels without the problems of fiber blooming, cracking, grazing and reflection. STEALTH panels are engineered and manufactured to become part of the existing structure and withstand extreme weather conditions. Plus, StealthSkin™ panels can be painted and/or textured to match any exterior surface.


Our innovative ESSV concealment panel is designed specifically for applications where large daily temperatures fluctuate and seamless appearances are critical in winning building owner approvals.

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MW02 panels are recommended for high frequency microwave backhaul systems that require a wide range of potential frequencies to be used on a single cell site.

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STEALTH’s FR-ESSV panels are typically used in desert climate applications that require a stringent fire rating.

STEALTH’s FRP panels can be used to manufacture a variety of concealment products including boxes, screenwalls, chimneys, and more.

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STEALTH® radomes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used to manufacture a variety of rooftop and tower antenna concealment products including pods, flag poles, flagless poles, candelabras, radome expansions and even light poles.

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