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STEALTH®’s Clemson DAS Project Gets a Shoutout From AGL

Above Ground Level Magazine, or AGL as it’s known, mentioned STEALTH®, in an article about Clemson’s DAS project.

STEALTH® installed a Tiger Paw concealment at Clemson’s Memorial Stadium. Fans now can enjoy the game while receiving better coverage from antennas they don’t know even know exits. Whether you are on your Smartphone at Memorial Stadium looking up scores, or sending pictures to friends, the DAS system is sure to be a success.

In the AGL magazine article titled, “Fall Brings Students, Improved Wireless Access to Campuses”, AGL wrote,

“Stealth Concealment Solutions worked closely with its client to seamlessly integrate DAS systems throughout the stadium. These customized pennant mounting poles and radius boxes resulted from numerous rounds of designs, all focused on providing an end product that would be acceptable to the fans and university officials.”

To read the full article about STEALTH®’s Clemson DAS concealment project visit AGL’s website at


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