5G Small Cell Concealment and Protection Can Streamline Your Rollout

With hundreds of thousands of 5G small cell sites on the horizon, move forward efficiently with wireless concealment and protection solutions that help get your sites approved, installed and online.

Raycap has a unique combination of small-cell technology, expertise and manufacturing to help you speed the deployment of 5G wireless networks. We combine unique products and deep experience to help you solve 5G small cell siting challenges – on time, on budget, no surprises.

  • – InvisiWave™ technology for antenna concealments that don’t impact performance
  • – STEALTH small cell concealment products available for any format: pole, wall, rooftop, you name it
  • – Innovative integrated small cell pole product line that simplifies deployment and compliance
  • – Engineering and manufacturing capabilities to speed up approvals and installations
  • – Broad range of products and services to solve any deployment challenge

We’ve Got 5G Covered!

Get 5G Small Cell Answers from Raycap

If you are a carrier, tower company or consultant preparing for 5G deployment, our experts can answer your questions about options for small-cell protection and concealment. Contact us today. We’ve got 5G covered!