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Super DAS Bowl

Thanks to new DAS upgrades, fans at this year’s Super Bowl can text, Tweet, and Instagram pictures from what is sure to be an icy cold game.

This year’s Super Bowl has been surrounded by hysteria concerning the weather conditions. With the game being played at MetLife Stadium, an open-air stadium in the New York/New Jersey area, conditions are expected to be rough. Despite the uncontrollable weather conditions, the NFL is able to control the technology available to fans attending the game.

Michelle McKenna-Doyle, Chief Information Officer for the NFL, told New York News 1, ” ‘A lot has been done over the last year,…We’ve upgraded both the DAS, distributed antenna system, a whole new LTE infrastructure, as well as a brand new Wi-Fi, taking advantage of the new high-density applications that are out on the market now.’ “

The DAS upgrades at MetLife do have some pros and cons. The DAS upgrades allow for fans to text, Instagram, and browse Facebook from the stadium. The downside is fans will not be able to live stream the game through the NFL Mobile app or the Fox Sports app, as it would take up too much bandwidth. It seems though for most fans, the pros of the DAS upgrade outweigh the cons.


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