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The 3 Free eBooks You Need To Coast Through Your Next Project

We all know that wireless concealment isn’t easy. It’s never cut and dry and that’s where our eBooks will come in handy. Twenty-five years ago when we started this business and established the concealment industry as it is today, we decided that each site should be addressed individually and to this day a majority of our projects are custom-build to accommodate the needs of our customers.

As the leader in the industry it would be irresponsible of us to not provide you with the most useful information available in order for you to understand our process, products and services. Whether you work for a city, county, A&E firm, carrier or installer, we want you to have all the information available so that you can coast through your next project. It doesn’t have to be difficult and we can help! Education is the first step to making concealment a breeze.

We have three eBooks that cover the basics from how to choose a concealment vendor to what the best product-type for your site is. Download our complimentary eBooks, here!

1. A Guide To Choosing The Right Concealment Partner

Like any other business, competition is always a factor. We have several competitors in the industry, so choosing a partner is likely going to be the first hurdle you have to jump. We’re not your only choice for concealment, but we want to show you why we should be. In this guide you’ll find out more about our company, the talented group of people that work for STEALTH® and more.

2. Antenna Concealment Handbook

You can’t hide the facts, even we can’t (nor do we want to)! Also known as our Antenna Concealment Survival Guide, this eBook gives you all the in-depth facts and stats on the process of planning and building a site. Breaking it down into the main three parts of the project, you’ll feel more prepared than ever.

Part 1: Before The Concealment – Involve a concealment company as early as possible. Find out how we can help you get to part 2.

Part 2: Building The Concealment – How to make it through the “during” phase work!

Part 3: After The Concealment – Just because a site is complete, doesn’t mean that’s the end of the project. How to take care of your concealments.

3. STEALTH Snapshot

Now that you know all about STEALTH® and the process that we can help you manage from start to finish, check out some of our projects. Our Snapshot contains a variety of information on materials, textures, rooftop concealments, custom concealments, freestanding solutions, DAS, small cell and more.

4. STEALTH® Infographic

I know, I know…we said we were focusing on the three eBooks, but for more information on STEALTH®, check out our new infographic!


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