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The Top 3 Concealment Applications You Need To Know

If you’re familiar with wireless concealment you know that there are various applications available. A majority of our concealments are custom designed and based upon the customer or the site’s needs. The design is dependent on location, elevation, antennas and limitations of the site. The possibilities for the concealment itself are addressed in a site assessment and a number of solutions could be be presented, including a rooftop, silo, steeple, tower, cross, small cell, DAS, tree, pole, etc!

But let’s move on to our top 3 concealment applications. Of all the requests that we receive on a daily basis and the 20,000 projects that we’ve completed in the last 25 years, below are our top three concealment types that we see the most. The unique, one of a kind projects are what we know and love. It’s not just all about poles and trees anymore, it’s about high quality, creative, RF transparent structures.

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Rooftop Screenwall

#1 – Rooftops

Rooftops are prime real estate for wireless antennas, but you don’t want it to be a sight for sore eyes either. In metropolitan and suburban areas alike, rooftop concealments are made to stand the test of time, perform at optimal levels and remain invisible to the naked eye, even at 20 stories high! They are an economical choice for a long term site with expansion flexibility and ease of maintenance with rooftop access to the structure.

Blended seamlessly into the existing structure, we simulate brick, block, stucco, stone, faux windows and various other textures with ease. These textures are hand-painted by our in-house artists using a variety of our RF friendly panel materials. Rooftop options include screenwalls, chimneys, pods, water towers, and more!

To learn more about rooftop concealments, click here. To view STEALTH’s rooftop concealment photo gallery, click here.


Small Cell Cupola

#2 – Small Cell

With the demand of bandwidth increasing, small cell sites have become key to keeping the public connected. We’ve once again  taken the lead in developing small cell solutions all across the country to include residential and commercial locations. We know that aesthetics are especially important to historic districts, campuses, and downtowns alike. Armed with years of experience, we honor the heritage of every small cell location while also ensuring excellent RF signal. All of our designs are completed with specific requirements in mind.

STEALTH designs, engineers, and fabricates interior small cell systems in addition to exterior sites. We can create just about anything your imagination can dream up, including, but not limited to:

  • Chimneys
  • Light Poles
  • Rooftop Pods
  • Cupolas (as seen above)

Find more information on small cell applications, click here, or view the small cell photo gallery to see additional examples.


Freestanding Custom Tower

#3 – Custom Tower Concealments

Freestanding tower concealment applications, from bell tower to clock towers, crosses to lighthouses, your imagination and ours collectively can push the untapped limits of traditional structures. The height of most towers allows optimum signal transmission, but won’t this stand out? Sure, but in a good way. These structures allow us to add an element of charm to your cityscape, the site becoming more of a landmark than an eyesore.

Like rooftop concealments, custom structures can be designed to allow for capacity expansions to maximize the number of antennas concealed, now or in the future. Your ability to add carriers or retrofit with new technology down the road adds immediate long-term value.

Find more details on custom tower concealments here. View our collection of tower creations in the photo gallery.

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