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VaWa, Calwa, and Mardi Gras

STEALTH had the pleasure to attend and sponsor three different wireless association events last week.

On Wednesday, we attended and sponsored the Virginia Wireless Association’s Quarter 1 Luncheon. The Luncheon was held in Richmond, Va and featured numerous panelists. Also on Wednesday, STEALTH had the pleasure of attending and sponsoring California Wireless Association’s Northern California Mixer in Dublin, CA. In total about 70 people were in attendance. STEALTH enjoyed meeting attendees, even though tight quarters made it a little harder to mix and mingle.

On Thursday, STEALTH sponsored and attended the Louisiana/Mississippi Mardi Gras event in New Orleans. The event was held at an inn right in the middle of the French Quarter. The event was a good way to kick off Mardi Gras and raise awareness for antenna concealment.

Where will STEALTH’s World Tour stop at next? Stay tuned…

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures from the California Wireless Association’s mixer.

Rooftop Concealment

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