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What’s Taking So Long?!

Cell towers, including custom towers, flagpoles, and monopoles, often take some time before they are ever installed.

Many times cell tower and concealment installations are delayed due to zoning requirements and building permits. This delay could last any where from a few months to a few years, leaving many customers wondering what is going on.

Recently, residents of Tabernacle, NJ were left to wonder if their cell tower would ever be installed.

According to South Jersey’s The Central Record, “Residents of the Medford Farms section of Tabernacle are scratching their heads wondering what happened to the proposed cell tower at the Nuebert’s Automotive site along Route 206. Construction has not yet begun on the tower, which was approved by Tabernacle’s land development board after a lengthy debate and legal action in 2011.”

In this case, and in others like it, the zoning process took a great length of time as the tower was initially struck down, then brought upon a judge, who then gave the green light for construction.



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