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What’s the Future Like for DAS?

The future looks BIG for DAS.

According to an article by Joe Madden for FierceWireless, by 2023 DAS could potentially be in 100 million buildings!

Madden states that distributed antenna systems are attractive because it can include WiFi, is preferred by city governments, can incorporate small cells,  and is quicker than towers.

Currently outdoor DAS, or ODAS is more prevalent than indoor DAS, but the need for indoor DAS could increase dramatically as more and more people realize the benefits of distributed antenna systems.

According to Madden,

“The bottom line is that a big part of the world needs DAS. The industry has started with stadiums and airports. As we run out of stadiums to cover, we will be turning to convention centers, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, college campuses, and other areas. Over time, Mobile Experts predicts that the cost of DAS equipment will come down, making the ROI more attractive for building owners, operators, and the neutral hosting companies. There may be only about 100 blockbuster stadiums in the world, but there are millions of buildings that fall into the other vertical markets. “

Photo courtesy of FierceWireless
Photo courtesy of FierceWireless


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