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Where Did All the Students Go?

Have you watched or attended a college football game lately and looked around the stadium and wondered, “why is it so empty?”.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal took note of a rather empty looking University of Georgia student section during the University of North Texas game. According to the Wall Street Journal, “As it turns out, Georgia students left empty 39% of their designated sections of Sanford Stadium over the last four seasons, according to school records of student-ticket scans.”

Why is student ticket usage declining at UGA? It’s not due to lack of winning seasons. In fact, UGA has played for the SEC Championship the last two years. One firm is investigating just why this is happening.

One theory being looked at closely is the theory of lack of cell reception. The Wall Street Journal states, “As the service is right now, many stadiums are such dead zones that ‘you can’t text, Instagram or tweet,’ said Georgia senior Kim Baltenberger.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, the demand for WiFi (and DAS) is far greater in college than in the NFL. With college students become more attached to their phones and technology, there becomes a greater need for better reception.

More and more students are choosing to only go to bigger games, like this weekend’s UGA vs LSU game.

Students should be able to enjoy the games and not have to worry about not having cell reception.

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