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About Raycap | STEALTH®

Why We Love DAS!

Admit it, most of us love sports. We are crazy about them. We wake up at the crack of dawn, pack our cars, and head to the stadium to cheer on our team. Our team is winning, and everything is great, until you try to text your friend the score and the text doesn’t go through.

Your good day turns frustrating as you realize at halftime you can’t call your significant other to tell them while they are in line for the concession stand, to bring you back nachos. You can’t Tweet or update your Facebook status. The game finally ends and you can’t wait to call your friend and discuss the highlights, but your phone is dead because it has been searching the crowded networks for a signal.

What does all of this have to do with DAS? DAS antennas allow fans, like yourself, to enjoy the game and still have adequate cell phone service. That text you sent your friend, goes through without a struggle. You can Tweet game updates and go over all the highlights with your friend after the game. STEALTH conceals DAS antennas so rowdy fans don’t tear them down which would leave you struggling for cell phone again!

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