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World Cup Fever Has Media, Wireless Devices Abuzz

indexWorld Cup Fever has soccer fans preparing for a month-long marathon of victory and heartbreak.

Numerous tech companies are similarly prepping – hoping their installations deliver joy, vs. pain.

So we thought we’d take a few minutes to look at some of the technology considerations driving this feast of “football.” (And no, they aren’t really DAS related…but we stand ready to help!)

First up, the stadium on the Amazon, in Manaus, Brazil. Construction required steel to be ferried up 4,500 kilometers of river way to this steamy, sprawling city.

As one of its architects noted – between managing the three cell phones strapped to his belt – you can’t build a technological stadium without money, and this one cost $319 million. Visit it virtually here.

No word on the cell phone systems in this and the other 11 new or refurbished stadia, but this Boston Globe report gives us some indication that DAS should be part of Brazil’s 2.0 strategy.

The upshot: Facebook, Twitter and countless apps are preparing for a worldwide cacophony of World Cup messages. But down in Brazil, wireless infrastructure lags.

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